Thursday, April 3, 2014


The beginnings of dissolving textiles...

DAY 93 | In my Monday's studio class, we experimented with a fabric called SOL-U-WEB and pretty much watched it dissolve and melt on a mannequin. After 2 seconds of slowly watching it melt, I started to yawn, got bored and was ready to go to bed. I  also had a minor freak out because I am no way conceptually creative to pull off this kind of work. But after some desperate need of sleep and a fresh-awakened mind, the next few days I attempted to be more enthusiastic about this science-fashion combo. I researched more into dissolving textiles and I found this textile artist called Amanda McCavour (google her) who has some really interesting projects and installations. She basically repetitively sews her drawings onto dissolving fabrics and when it melts away, it becomes these cleverly stitched outlines shapes in the forms of flowers, birds and even household items. I've attempted her practice above with a few pieces. So needless to say, my mind has changed. I'm not bored anymore! I'm excited to start this new adventure. xxx   

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