Thursday, April 3, 2014

PROJECT 365 | DAY 90, 91 & 92! AKA. OOPS I'M LATE

Oops, I'm late!

Sorry for my sudden departure. I've been ridiculously busy with assignments. But fear not, I'm back with a sum up post of my past 3 days. This may have to be a regular thing now as I am in the "busy- unilyf- period-mode" In saying that though; I've had time to think more about blogging and I''m hoping to take my blog/s to the next level with a new makeover and such. So, bear with me! It's going to take some time. Anyway, here are some pictures of Project 365. More from me later xxx

DAY 90This was totally un-planned! My friend Linda and I came into uni wearing nearly the exact same thing. Coincidence! This is my sloppy uni outfit. Whenever I am in a rush or can't be bothered planning my next outfit, I tend to slip on a dress, wear a knit on top and pair it with my boots. I'm kind of over this combo though. I'm also thinking about having a makeover with my wardrobe. Nothing too drastic! But I want a bit of a change. I'm currently into the minimalism look (do I sound like a typical fashion student?)

DAY 91 | After the MIFGS, I crammed my handbags folio, spec sheets and presentation boards in about a week before submission! Came up with this design concept consisting of a backpack, made up of a custom digital print, with leather details, leather drawstring cords (adjustable to be made into shoulder straps or backpack straps) and with pockets! I'm hoping I can use this while I'm over in Paris while travelling. I'm also hoping to make the pockets detachable so it can come off and become a clutch...that I can use for Paris Fashion Week?! Hmmm.

DAY 92 | I confess. I am having MIFGS withdrawals. I'm seeing flowers and plants everywhere! It is sad that it is now over - as I have said a million times. But every time I see a branch, twig, flora or fauna like these wild flowers, I consider using them for my "flower and garden show project". But then I have to remind myself, I'm not in it anymore! I've become more appreciate of nature though. I'm obsessed with the textures of wild flowers and I just want to decorate them all over my house! 

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