Sunday, March 30, 2014


 The ceiling of the Royal Exhibition Centre. Beautifully royal!

DAY 89 | Today was the last day of the MIFGS, so went into the Royal Exhibition Centre this afternoon to dismantle my mannequin. It was so sad to rip up my work of art because well, I worked so hard on it! In 10-15 minutes, my floral fashion piece was gone. My photographs are the only things that will serve me memories of my process and finished product. As soon as I realised this though, something gave my brain a "aha!" moment and that light bulb feeling. Our life is transient and it is through photographs, we can capture moments, thoughts, feelings and events in stills - so we can relive our past and bring back memories when we want to. You may think "Duh! This isn't anything new!" But really, think about it. I think this is the reason why I began Project 365. To bring in any image whether its currently new or from the past, talk about it, analyse it and maybe even trigger some inspiration for my design work, like this picture above (I'm already thinking of creating a royal themed collection with these prints). Anyway, you know what they say. A picture paints a thousand words. I wonder how many words - or designs - this image will create? xxx

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