Saturday, March 29, 2014


DAY 88 | There comes a time where you feel like you need to up the anti. In this case, I feel like my blog Loko and Cle needs new content or something entirely new as a whole. I am also working on a behind the scenes fashion blog that will hopefully launch soon so perhaps that will be my new endeavour and I may say goodbye to L&C for a while. It's hard to figure out what you want when you are multi-tasking all the time! But the thing is; I can imagine it. I'm visualising these projects in my head and I just hope it turns into reality. Besides a new rejuvenated blog, my design thinking has already "upped-the-anti". I'm currently in the middle of designing a handbag and I'm really into having a mixed media, graphic and textile print for the exterior. I feel that my design work has been lacking for the past few years and I haven't found a concept that fully endures me and speaks honestly of who I am. I've doubted my dreams of being a fashion designer but I think this may be an area I could really excel in. I'm excited to gain my love for art and design again. I really do miss it. These are just some snap shots of my current handbags sketch book that I want to do well in. Here is to new beginnings. And quarterly-yearly resolutions! xxx

Handbags sketchbook. Planning to create a clutch and backpack! 

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