Friday, March 28, 2014


DAY 87 | Obviously this week has just been MIFGS hype so I may as well talk about it a bit more! Received some free tickets to see the rest of the show and let me tell you - it was brilliant. I don't think you have to be a gardener or a horticulture expert to realise how inspirational the floristry or landscaping exhibits were. The flowers itself were "natural" works of art, displayed in ways that diverges from the typical vase. There was one where all the flowers were laid like a bed sheet on a vintage bed. And then outside in the Carlton Gardens, the garden landscapes encouraged you to makeover your own backyard! My favourite was the bathroom extending into the garden area. It looked like a heavenly bathroom forest! Now that I have worked with flowers and plants, I just want to work with them more! Realistically, I am still an amateur though. It might just take some time and patience before I become a pro. I can imagine me being one of those old ladies who loves to garden! xxx

Cute grass ducks!

Can this be my bathroom, please?!

Floral in jars display.

Floral bed sheet - literally!

I want this to be my backyard. So beautiful!

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  1. Seeing those garden shows and events are the best way to get your green thumb itching. Those exhibits are exquisite! I think you can recreate those using alternative resources. Don’t worry about you being an amateur in this field. Gathering inspirations is a jumpstart to become a pro. Good luck on your future gardening affairs!

    Mitchell Knapp @ Scenic Landscaping