Sunday, March 23, 2014


The stylish people before the show.

DAY 81 | Was able to have a break last night and attend the National Graduate Showcase, apart of the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival - otherwise now known as VAMFF. It's been tradition that my uni friends and I go to this event. I remember back in first/second year, we were so excited to even attend a  runway. Usually we meet up a little early, take photos and embrace the "street style" atmosphere, watch the show, head to dinner afterwards and talk non-stop who was our favourite designer. Although this time round (as it was our 3rd or 4th time attending) it just seemed more overwhelming that this could be us in the next year or two. It think it was also the fact that some of the collections didn't surprise us as much because we've seen the 4th years create their work at uni! My favourite by far though was Chin (Hau Tay) and his teddy-bear inspired menswear. I remember him making the giant coat in class. So cool! xxx

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