Monday, March 17, 2014


I love the decor in Pollon. I want this to be my room... 

DAY 76 | You know those days when you have this really organised day planned out and then for some reason, nothing seems to work? That was me today. Not that I want to sound like a chaotic mad woman but today was just not my day! The uni printer wasn't working, my mannequin had missing arms and hands so I couldn't use it and my well-organised schedule went down the drain! But after a few hours, after visiting some pretty florists like Pollon on Flinders Lane and eventually getting some work done, things started to look up. I mean, by night time in our studio class, we had Spice Girls playing in the background, I had some more of Jenni's pear cake and my teacher Pia changed the assignment due date. Karma is amazing. Hallejuah!!! xxx

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