Saturday, March 8, 2014


DAY 67 | I seem to be bending the rules by "throwing back" photos here and there but um, why not? I have plenty of pictures I would love to elaborate about! In this instance, this is another street style image (of mine) of my friend Natalie whose 21st birthday was last night. While we celebrated her finally entering womanhood and her sweet-loving-kind-silly-and-oh-so-talented persona, I cannot forget to mention how much I adore her personal style. She loves wearing colour - she isn't afraid to stand out from the crowd; anything exotic, crafty and DIY - she prefers to be unique and individual; something vintage - which she has a real talent for (she picks out the coolest things from the markets and her mum's wardrobe); and wears items that proportion her body so well! Look how cute those shorts are! So, thank god she was born otherwise her rocking style would not be hitting the streets (her designs will be rocking the runway soon too!) Happy Birthday Natalie! P.S. Can I borrow those shorts? xxx 

Photography by me! For College Fashionista.

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