Wednesday, March 5, 2014


DAY 64 | I just thought this today - I haven't done street style photography in while now! I used to photograph someone every week for College Fashionista but now that I'm focusing more on interiors, it's not that often I'm out and about with my camera. I kind of miss meeting strangers on the street (Bowen Lane mainly) and bonding over what connects us all: fashion. Met Georgia today though, a first year student in my course. I love her leopard coat. And the eclectic mix of a sparkly bra and sheer plaid top. After taking the photo, I thought how cool other people's outfits are. RMIT truly has some of the best dressers. Sometimes I feel like I'm in a sea of the coolest fashionistas and fashionistos xxx

Sneak peek of a College Dormista post I have coming up!

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