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Comfort is key when it comes to decorating your space and sometimes all it takes is a blanket or a cushion to make your place feel a little more like home.  Can’t find the perfect item though? Don’t worry. I have you covered! Here are the instructions for making your own personalised cushion.
What you will need:
Fabric of your choice
Needle & Thread
Sewing Machine
What you need to do:
Step 1:
Cut out the fabric in the size you prefer. I used the measurements 35 x 31cm.
Step 2:
With the right sides facing towards each other (wrong side facing up), sew 3 of the 4 side’s together, approximately 6mm- 1cm from the edge. If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can easily hand sew these pieces with a needle and thread with tight stitches.
Step 3:
Turn your pillowcase inside out and give it a good iron to flatten the edges and corners. Make sure the iron is on the correct setting suitable for the fabric you are using.
Step 4:
Measure how much trim you require and hand sew the pom pom trimmings onto one side of the pillowcase. Do this to all four edges of the pillowcase.
Step 5:
Stuff your pillowcase with stuffing!
Step 6:
Fold the non-trimmed side inwards to 1cm and pin it to the trimmed side. Close the pillowcase by hand sewing the edges back together.
Tip: Pin your fabric pieces and trims along the way so it is nice and secure when you sew!
Style On,
Melissa Him

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