Friday, February 7, 2014


Ugh, I just love her!

Imagery from The Man Repeller

Sometimes I have to stop myself reading a blog because I become way too obsessed, I can't stop reading and all the other tasks I had planned for the day just goes out the window. In this case, The Man Repeller is one of those bloggers I would rather skip my day plans for and voluntary  and willingly read her blog for hours on end. How can you not love her witty-ness? And her quirky sensibilities? And oh, lets not forget to mention how completely honest she really is? "My vagina just dropped" seems to be her tagline - as to what I read in her book. I love her fashion man-repelling ways, her tom-boyish charm flaws me and sometimes I don't really give a shit (yah, I swore) on being so much a lady. There are days where I will swear (f-bomb has been dropped on this blog), look tired as hell (and demand 3 cups of coffee) and find myself in really awkward moments even while wearing my most fashionable item. Feeling good in the top you use to love just doesn't cut it anymore does it? But Leandraaa and her real-life blog posts helps me cope with all that. Whether it is dating advice, minor-random thoughts and to questioning what makes a man shake his head according to women's fashion, I can relate or make me feel sane about my life. It's the real life of The Man Repeller we all ladies can relate to. Not the Real Housewives of...whatever city you are in. xxx

Who is your Girl Crush? I accept Beyonce too (duh).

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