Sunday, February 2, 2014


I need to figure out how to do a better pose because I just look so awkward. Here is what I wore though.

Continuing on from yesterday's sneak peek outfit post - what does one wear for Chinese New Year? And what's the meaning behind the outfit? It may seem silly as to what I am saying but I legit grew up with these Chinese beliefs. For example, whatever you present at CNY contributes to your life of happiness, purity or wholesome-ness. And what you wear can even predict how your life will span out. Wearing something old or ripped could lead to dooms day and nobody wants that. Wearing something new or bright however can lead you to brownie points. 

So here I thought, "What am I going to wear for CNY?" Of course I would have no problem choosing an outfit because 1. I certainly love to dress up and  2. It's better than getting a food-coma. I mean, despite feeling bloated over your CNY feast, a good and comfortable outfit can combat that. But since everything has a rich and symbolic message, I would have to be strategic as to what I wear.

The day before Chinese New Year, my mother goes to me "Wear something bright!" In her defence, bright generally means a bright future and lots of positive outcomes. And so, I kind of went down that route. I chose to wear my Topshop floral dress for its "blossoming flowers" and pink shades and my red TOMS alpargatas and a burgundy vintage hat because the red hues symbolises luck.

In terms of finding deeper meanings into every bit of my outfit, to be honest, I have no idea whether these associated "objects to symbolisms" are real or not. But from my research and my own general cogitations, I believe my future outcome is as so:

1. Topshop Floral Dress: 

Apparently blooming flowers represents the rebirth of the coming spring. It also means good luck, fortune, growth, prosperity, long life and romance. The pink also represents love. I'm guessing the whole rebirth thing means a time for reinvention? And the pink florals symbolises a blossoming of romance? Reinvention to start looking for love again? Please god, help.

2. Red shoes/Burgundy sort-of-red hat:

I think everyone knows what red means in the symbols of Chinese culture: good luck. Well yes, I need a whole lot of luck on my side this year in terms of uni and work. But I need a whole lot of luck to find a gentleman (my mum has been praying to find a good son-in-law for years now). Can you tell that a good boyfriend is on my wish list? Mhm, yeah goooood luck!!

So according to my own generalisations and Chinese symbols, this is what my outfit means! It kind of sounds like I'm in it to find loveeee. Well, how can I not? Watching The Bachelorette makes me so envious. Although I am sometimes skeptical to these beliefs.  For example, my old Chinese teacher once said "If you eat more Mandarins, you will become better at Mandarin!" Of course he was being sarcastic but I ate the mandarins and my Mandarin never cease to advance. Hmph. 


The rest of the photo diary at a Chinese Temple. Enjoy!

3 HUGE Buddhas. No joke.

Serious Buddha and Funny Buddha.

The decor inside. Oh my god!

Incense for prayer.

Felt like I was in China.

Close up of my loveable outfit. 

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