Thursday, February 20, 2014


I realised I haven't done one of these posts in a long time (and of course I'm constantly thinking of ways to improve this blog) so here is one!

So, these items were my Christmas wish list but now I am categorising them into my "fun money" budget. Ultimately I need to do a lot more saving! Here are my top 6 picks at the moment.

1.    Canon Lense
My SLR at the moment is a Pentax with a Sigma lense which does great close up’s but stand away shots say for example street style photographs are just average. So I’m hoping to save up for this one so I can also take some crisp photo snaps.
2. Nike Runners
Considering I use to take dance lessons 2-3 times a week, my stamina and exercise routines have dropped and so I would like to take up my exercise regime again. I’m not a gym junkie so I usually prefer the light jog, long walks, yoga or pilates. And these runners are needed for good foot stability.
Any excuse to purchase another pair of these because they are so comfy! Plus the daisy 
prints win my heart.
I definitely need a new bag for uni and I have been saving up for one for the longest time!
This has a cute green weave texture and adjustable straps so it can either become a
backpack or
5. Polaroid Camera
Just because it is super cute and fun! Good to also take with me for my Europe trip?
6.   Europe
I think this is a given! I need to save up to pay back my parents, accommodation, entry tickets and tours, souvenirs and shopping, fashion week…you name it.


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