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As I said in my last post,  I would give you a breakdown of my studio and elective choices for semester 1 and so here it begins...


Fashion Design Studio 5
This is a compulsory course I have to take. They give us 5 different studio options but we can only choose one class.

A menswear studio. It explores and questions the limits/constraints of new, contemporary  masculinities through fashion ideation and making. For example. the metrosexual guy. What defines a masculine man? Or the metro man? You know what I mean?
This is basically a studio evolved around the I assume this class will work around innovative designs, silhouettes and the usage of lines and textures (as oppose to crazy patterns on simple garment shapes) while just using the colour - black! 
A conceptual studio this one is. It looks into the idea of fashion garments risking mortality and it eventually becoming fragile and transient. This class also ties in with the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show so we also look into the temporary mortality of flowers and fauna. I swear to god, explaining this sounds like a class from Harry Potter or something. I think we may as well use wands and potions!
To Embellish
This is my favourite studio option by far! We will be learning the idea of embellishments and how it can add texture, detail and bling to a garment. We will also be working with skilled artisans in Pakistan by putting these artisanal techniques into practice and implementing them with new innovative designs. I'm already excited! I feel like this class is my calling! (Obviously its my first preference)
Screening Fashion
Creating a fashion film! It explores the new way of filmmaking and how fashion designers are using film to communicate their concept and collections. The final project will also be submitted into a fashion film competition.

This is one of our minor units but equally as important to diverse our fashion skills. Again I can only choose one elective this semester.

Fashion Illustration
Building your illustration, drawing skills  and artistic style to communicate your design concepts. Think Michi or Bil Donovan (google him!)
Shape Shifting
You know those Vogue pattern packets you can get from a fabric store and there is this soft brown paper shoved inside? That is a pattern and this "shape shifting" is an advance pattern making class. Except our paper is white and we make these patterns from scratch with pencils and rulers.
Waist-age: The Corset
Learning how to make a corset. Yep! Like those ones they wear in the 1900s...but notice there is a pun in the title? The corset has to made out of sustainable fabrics.
Handbag Design
The most essential accessory any girl can have: a bag. And this class teaches you how to make one from scratch! You get to design it, use oh-so smooth leather (or whatever you want really) and call it your own. I might just steal Marc Jacobs idea of naming a bag after a blogger aka. um, me! 
T-Shirt, Bras & Suspender Skirts
More onto the lingerie side, this class looks into the technical and aesthetic qualities that make up lingerie garments - the exact garments you will perhaps wear to bed. Enough said? 
Sewn Surface
This class looks into decorative techniques and embellishments for example hand knitting, beading and lace making with the intent to create new fabrications or reinvent existing ones.
A millinery class with the one and only: Richard Nylon! A hilarious guy and a good teacher too. Think the fascinators people wear at the races but 10 times more crazy!

My top choices so far are:

Fashion Design Studio
1. To Embellish
2. Transience

1. Handbag Design
2. Millinery

But what do you think? What would you choose? What do you think I should choose?

Also, in the next day or so, I will round up some questions I get quite regularly about my course so stay tuned! This is only the beginning for you to join me on my fashion journey! xxx

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