Thursday, February 27, 2014


DAY 58 | When Jess & I were interning at College Fashionista, we made this ritual of meeting once a week at uni to "style stalk"and find/photograph stylish people together. One of those days we spotted Ada in her double-shades-of-blue outfit. Both Jess & I looked at each other and thought "She's awesome. We have to photograph her!" So off we went to "style stalk" (oh-so casually follow her). We eventually met, had a chat and took some shots. We also found out that she was an architecture student, a transfer from UCLA and has a swinging British accent as well. It must have been fate because she was the coolest girl we had spotted and met so far! On her side - being new to RMIT - she was also looking for new people to meet so she was really happy when she met us. In between our hectic schedules, we managed to have a reunited brunch at Hardware Societe but now we say goodbye as she heads back home to Nigeria! Farewell Ada! What a lovely, bubbly and gorgeous girl you are. It was a pleasure to meet you - on da streets!

The ever so stylish, Ada!

To check out the original CF post by Jess, click here. Also check out her website, The O S Space. She is also very talented! xxx

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