Monday, February 24, 2014


DAY 55 |  Uni is approaching soon (yay!) and I'm pretty eager to go back. So let the countdown begin! That may sound nerdy but hey I do love my creativity! Speaking of which, our balloting info session is on tomorrow and that's where we get to choose what design studio and electives we want to study this semester. I might just break it down and explain what my options are in my next post (because I know some of you would be intrigued into what goes down in my course). But for now, let's just say one of the studio options is to work in collaboration with the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. In this studio, you get to make these fashion sculptures out of plants, flora/fauna or vegetables. So, I am currently trying to find inspiration in my front garden. I love how these succulents have its natural sharp shape yet it blooms elegantly like a flower. But how will this work for a fashion garment silhouette? Ah! Decisions, decisions! (So confused!) xxx

Also kind of digging how my pink socks contrast nicely with the green succulents! 

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