Sunday, February 23, 2014


DAY 53 & 54 | Since White Night occurred within 12-hours over a 2 day period (technically), it only seems fair that I would knock out two posts in one! So, Melbourne hosted its 2nd White Night and let me just say it was...packed. Every human being I swear was in the city just for it. Following in the footsteps of Paris' White Night celebrations, Melbourne devoured into the Parisian ritual and offered the art, music and cultural talents  Melbourne has to offer. Some things were of course photo worthy like the Flinders Street and the State Library light projections but to be honest I was pretty disappointed to have not entered the Purple Rain physical installation or to see the synchronise swimming because the lines were so long! (Everyone wanted to see those two most). It would have been nice if they were permanent exhibitions/installations so people could see them whenever they wanted. Anyway, to end the "Melbournian" night, Brunetti's on Lygon Street was the final destination. If you're looking for something really "Melbourne" to do, head here. The cakes, coffee and ice cream are to die for xxx

Flinders Street Station

State Library of Victoria

A glimpse of the Purple Rain installation at RMIT University (my campus!)

Ending on a yummy note. Recommendation: must try the Forerro ice cream flavour!

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