Saturday, February 15, 2014


Only the beginning of some sketching and designing! Inspired by The Regent Theatre, Melbourne.

DAY 46 | Every time I mention to someone I am studying fashion, their eyes suddenly dilate and the only worded response they give is an "oooh!" Usually people are either surprised that I chose this career pathway or they are super eager to know more about my world. And to be honest, it really isn't all that fun and glamorous. Designing and finding inspiration like above, is probably only 10% of what I do. Now that's the fun part! The other 90% is dictated by making patterns from scratch, numerous sample trials, sewing and the business dealings in between. And this - not so fun. I have been receiving lots of questions via Tumblr about my uni course and what goes on at level 10 so with uni soon approaching, I am planning to show you the real behind the seams of what I really do. Hope you like what's to come! xxx

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