Friday, February 14, 2014



DAY 45 | In the case of today being Valentines Day, it would make sense if I posted something to do with love. I love the idea of love. My favourite rom-com movie by far is Love Actually (was that just a pun?) Anyway, to be honest I am spending V-Day all by my lonesome by having a date with myself and watching American Idol and Breakfast At Tiffany’s while eating a tub of ice cream. Doesn’t sound very photo-worthy does it? No! But even though my love life seems non-existent (hello single awareness day!), I love everything else in my life: my family, friends, uni and my internship with CF. Speaking of which, College Fashionista are doing a special Valentines Day feature at the moment and they asked me to write one this time last year. You think I would have be sad because it reminded me about being single but it didn’t matter though. I was ecstatic to write my first ever feature and photo shooting this outfit was lots of fun! Loving your job sometimes does conquer your disastrous dating life. To be quite frank, fashion is already my boyfriend. xxx

P.S. Click for my Valentines Day feature, here. I didn’t even go through my plans. They keep falling through! (And I'm laughing about it! Hehe)

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