Saturday, February 1, 2014


What do these clothes/shoes mean? Hmmm.

DAY 32 | Being half Chinese, I am expected to believe every legend/meaning/story that is passed down by my family members. And since it is Chinese New Year, there is no better way to refresh my memory on all these beliefs. It may sound superstitious but eating fish on CNY means you will have a fresh life (get it? fresh from the water?) Eating oranges means you will have a sweet life because they are in fact sweet. And serving up a huge duck on a CNY feast means your life will be wholesome. Apart from all the food, fashion has its meanings too. If you wear something new, then you're stating to reinvent yourself with new resolutions. But what did I wear today, you ask? Well, you can see the whole outfit post next with the meanings and all but here is a sneak peeeeek xxx

P.S. My friend Kade recommended me to do this February photo challenge. Day 1 of Feb is something cute. Is this cute?

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