Wednesday, February 5, 2014


 Why isn't Karl Lagerfeld king yet? Or named Sir Karl Lagerfeld? Video by Chanel.

There was this one time in my life where I was accused of something that I am not. It occurred within the last few days of high school where I was about to apply for the uni course of my dreams and I was meeting up with my teacher for a mentoring session. As I walked into the classroom, in the middle of them teaching a Year 9 Textiles class, I noticed two young boys in the room. Year 9 Textiles is an elective and is usually filled with a class of girls so I was surprised that boys were merely in the room.

After my teacher had debriefed the class, I went up to the their table to say hello and show them my portfolio. I had to ask though since I was curious: "Are there boys in this class?" (thinking perhaps maybe they had to sit in this classroom because they were bad or something. BUT, if the boys were there for the right reasons, I would be so proud that these young men made the choice to withstand the stereotype. I'm all about individuality!). However, the worse happened next. My teacher gave me a weird/blank stare and said: "Yes, yes there are. What? Are you sexist?"

Um, excuse me?

I literally couldn't believe a teacher would ever say that to me. I immediately gathered my mixed thoughts and in response, I politely said "No, no! I was just surprised, that's all." But really I was thinking: "Shit, seriously? Did she really say that? WTF?" Awkward.

Seriously, how on earth can a teacher be allowed to say that? I mean, I still laugh about the incident till this day.  And sometimes I wish I had been a drama queen and instead said "Are you fucking kidding me? I live for male designers! Hello! I worship Karl Lagerfeld! I am in love with Proenza Schouler! I want to marry Lazaro! I also want to marry Tom Ford! I love Christian Lacroix! I want my future husband to be just like Oscar De La Renta! I still wish Yves Saint Laurent was alive! Oh my god. God bless him!"

But why would someone (who is from the fashion world) judge me to be sexist? When for a fact they and I know that men are dominating the fashion industry? The fact is, men are ruling fashion like royals. For example, on the Spring's 2014 runways, some of the top highlights were Celine, Dries Van Noten, Chanel, Christopher Kane, Junya Watanabe, Rick Owens and Marc Jacobs. All men! Is this a "new modern attitude" for the fashion industry? Will the one boy in my class, amongst the sea of girls, be the greatest alumni ever? Will he takeover a couture house next? 

This theory sparked as soon as I watched this video. While women's fashion magazines like Vogue may be covering the trends that are hitting the runways and streets, will it ultimately be men like Karl to dictate what we women should wear? For example, couture dresses with sneakers? If that's the case, I'm not complaining (I love flats).


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