Monday, February 10, 2014


I tend to discover new cafes & coffee spots a lot so here is a new segment!

Discovering new rustic cafes seems to be my life calling. Googled our way up to Carlisle Street to find this little coffee spot. I remember the name vaguely as I saw it on a blog but literally its just off the main road, into an alleyway and in what use to be a bakery house. The place is small and compact but serves up a good coffee with beans from all over the world. I am no coffee expert but mix a general latte with some ice though and you have something cool and refreshing for a hot day.The menu isn't bad either. It's animal friendly and all vegan. I couldn't exactly finish my meal as it was so filling but I do like my coffee and finding new cafes to go to. So if you're in the St Kilda area, I definitely recommend you try this place. xxx

 Ice Latte

 The flowers against the rustic decor gave the place a bit of a spring awakening!

 Monk Bodhi Dharma sits Rear 202, Carlisle Street, Balaclava, Melbourne.

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