Friday, February 28, 2014


DAY 59 | Pictures of my coffee orders can only mean two things: 1) I am genuinely having a coffee catch up with a friend or 2) I'm in a serious meeting. And today, it was a bit of both. All I can say is my uni friends and I have something really exciting up our sleeve and it is in the works! And yes - it is something to do with fashion. Duh! I know I'm being really vague but I can't give too much away. Let's just say it will be as promising as this mocha I had: so good! xxx

Coffee at Flipboard Cafe today, at 141 Latrobe Street, Melbourne CBD. How cool are these stools made out of recycled woods and magazines?

Thursday, February 27, 2014


DAY 58 | When Jess & I were interning at College Fashionista, we made this ritual of meeting once a week at uni to "style stalk"and find/photograph stylish people together. One of those days we spotted Ada in her double-shades-of-blue outfit. Both Jess & I looked at each other and thought "She's awesome. We have to photograph her!" So off we went to "style stalk" (oh-so casually follow her). We eventually met, had a chat and took some shots. We also found out that she was an architecture student, a transfer from UCLA and has a swinging British accent as well. It must have been fate because she was the coolest girl we had spotted and met so far! On her side - being new to RMIT - she was also looking for new people to meet so she was really happy when she met us. In between our hectic schedules, we managed to have a reunited brunch at Hardware Societe but now we say goodbye as she heads back home to Nigeria! Farewell Ada! What a lovely, bubbly and gorgeous girl you are. It was a pleasure to meet you - on da streets!

The ever so stylish, Ada!

To check out the original CF post by Jess, click here. Also check out her website, The O S Space. She is also very talented! xxx

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


You never know...I might just be obsessed with oatmeal in two weeks time.

DAY 57 | I don't know if I'm an oats girl...yet. I've never really liked the oatmeal craze. To me oatmeal is quite plain for my tastebuds and it feels like muesli soaked in milk (well that's basically what it is but warm!) But this time round, I added in some honey, cinnamon, slices of banana and blueberries and I actually quite liked it. Strange. I'm all up for new foods and recipes this year so I may as well try it until it grows on me - right? xxx

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Gloomy but wonderful days in Melbourne.

DAY 56 | After uni balloting (I chose To Embellish! I hope I get it!), I had lunch at Miss Chu with my uni pals and then ran some errands! Ended up in Collingwood and a little lost but did manage to  find my destination while stumbling upon a few new coffee spots I must try, some killer book shops and Huxta Burger! Finally found it! Also came across the Victorian buildings as well as the cool street art. Collingwood to say the least is a very "indie" area and a place I don't go often. More reason to explore the rest of Melbourne now - perhaps during my massive uni breaks. xxx

Monday, February 24, 2014


As I said in my last post,  I would give you a breakdown of my studio and elective choices for semester 1 and so here it begins...


Fashion Design Studio 5
This is a compulsory course I have to take. They give us 5 different studio options but we can only choose one class.

A menswear studio. It explores and questions the limits/constraints of new, contemporary  masculinities through fashion ideation and making. For example. the metrosexual guy. What defines a masculine man? Or the metro man? You know what I mean?
This is basically a studio evolved around the I assume this class will work around innovative designs, silhouettes and the usage of lines and textures (as oppose to crazy patterns on simple garment shapes) while just using the colour - black! 
A conceptual studio this one is. It looks into the idea of fashion garments risking mortality and it eventually becoming fragile and transient. This class also ties in with the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show so we also look into the temporary mortality of flowers and fauna. I swear to god, explaining this sounds like a class from Harry Potter or something. I think we may as well use wands and potions!
To Embellish
This is my favourite studio option by far! We will be learning the idea of embellishments and how it can add texture, detail and bling to a garment. We will also be working with skilled artisans in Pakistan by putting these artisanal techniques into practice and implementing them with new innovative designs. I'm already excited! I feel like this class is my calling! (Obviously its my first preference)
Screening Fashion
Creating a fashion film! It explores the new way of filmmaking and how fashion designers are using film to communicate their concept and collections. The final project will also be submitted into a fashion film competition.

This is one of our minor units but equally as important to diverse our fashion skills. Again I can only choose one elective this semester.

Fashion Illustration
Building your illustration, drawing skills  and artistic style to communicate your design concepts. Think Michi or Bil Donovan (google him!)
Shape Shifting
You know those Vogue pattern packets you can get from a fabric store and there is this soft brown paper shoved inside? That is a pattern and this "shape shifting" is an advance pattern making class. Except our paper is white and we make these patterns from scratch with pencils and rulers.
Waist-age: The Corset
Learning how to make a corset. Yep! Like those ones they wear in the 1900s...but notice there is a pun in the title? The corset has to made out of sustainable fabrics.
Handbag Design
The most essential accessory any girl can have: a bag. And this class teaches you how to make one from scratch! You get to design it, use oh-so smooth leather (or whatever you want really) and call it your own. I might just steal Marc Jacobs idea of naming a bag after a blogger aka. um, me! 
T-Shirt, Bras & Suspender Skirts
More onto the lingerie side, this class looks into the technical and aesthetic qualities that make up lingerie garments - the exact garments you will perhaps wear to bed. Enough said? 
Sewn Surface
This class looks into decorative techniques and embellishments for example hand knitting, beading and lace making with the intent to create new fabrications or reinvent existing ones.
A millinery class with the one and only: Richard Nylon! A hilarious guy and a good teacher too. Think the fascinators people wear at the races but 10 times more crazy!

My top choices so far are:

Fashion Design Studio
1. To Embellish
2. Transience

1. Handbag Design
2. Millinery

But what do you think? What would you choose? What do you think I should choose?

Also, in the next day or so, I will round up some questions I get quite regularly about my course so stay tuned! This is only the beginning for you to join me on my fashion journey! xxx


DAY 55 |  Uni is approaching soon (yay!) and I'm pretty eager to go back. So let the countdown begin! That may sound nerdy but hey I do love my creativity! Speaking of which, our balloting info session is on tomorrow and that's where we get to choose what design studio and electives we want to study this semester. I might just break it down and explain what my options are in my next post (because I know some of you would be intrigued into what goes down in my course). But for now, let's just say one of the studio options is to work in collaboration with the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. In this studio, you get to make these fashion sculptures out of plants, flora/fauna or vegetables. So, I am currently trying to find inspiration in my front garden. I love how these succulents have its natural sharp shape yet it blooms elegantly like a flower. But how will this work for a fashion garment silhouette? Ah! Decisions, decisions! (So confused!) xxx

Also kind of digging how my pink socks contrast nicely with the green succulents! 

Sunday, February 23, 2014


DAY 53 & 54 | Since White Night occurred within 12-hours over a 2 day period (technically), it only seems fair that I would knock out two posts in one! So, Melbourne hosted its 2nd White Night and let me just say it was...packed. Every human being I swear was in the city just for it. Following in the footsteps of Paris' White Night celebrations, Melbourne devoured into the Parisian ritual and offered the art, music and cultural talents  Melbourne has to offer. Some things were of course photo worthy like the Flinders Street and the State Library light projections but to be honest I was pretty disappointed to have not entered the Purple Rain physical installation or to see the synchronise swimming because the lines were so long! (Everyone wanted to see those two most). It would have been nice if they were permanent exhibitions/installations so people could see them whenever they wanted. Anyway, to end the "Melbournian" night, Brunetti's on Lygon Street was the final destination. If you're looking for something really "Melbourne" to do, head here. The cakes, coffee and ice cream are to die for xxx

Flinders Street Station

State Library of Victoria

A glimpse of the Purple Rain installation at RMIT University (my campus!)

Ending on a yummy note. Recommendation: must try the Forerro ice cream flavour!

Friday, February 21, 2014


So yum!

DAY 52 | When my banana bread failed, I immediately redeemed making peach and blueberry pie. I'm actually really surprised this week by how much cooking I have done. And with pastries! I think I have found a new stress/boredom relief: procrasticooking. I think I'm conquering my new years resolutions.

In terms of the recipe: pre-heat your oven to 180 degrees celsius. Line the tart tray with short crust pastry or puff pastry and cover it with baking paper. Hold it down with dried beans or grains of rice. Bake for 10 minutes. Make your mixture with peach slices, blueberries, sugar, lemon juice and cinnamon. Take out tart from oven, remove baking paper and spread fruit mixture into tart. Cut strips of puff pastry and it place over mixture like above. Brush with an egg glaze. Bake for a further 30 mins or until golden brown. Serve when its nice and warm with ice cream! Hope you love it to bits xxx


To view the original article, click here.

Forgive me for the typical post title. But the Fifty Shades of Gray is in fact trending this season. Pre-Fall 2014 had Emporio Armani choose a mild gray tone for a number of their suits. Calvin Klein had multiple shades of gray in loose silhouettes. And on the spring 2014 runways, silvery and metallic hues were sparkling at Chanel - even on their couture sneakers.
Yet, I would have not picked gray to be a color of choice for a living space. Perhaps I am biased here as I’m a sucker for all things colored. But thanks to Pinterest, my beliefs have changed. Gray is a sophisticated color like its counterparts black and white. If it looks chic and classy like this Fashionista I spotted, it can also be chic and classy for your room too.
Think about variations of shades and textures when it comes to gray. It allows your room to be less camouflaged and more aesthetically pleasing. Try accessorizing your space with white linen sheets and a gray throw, gray textured cushions and metallic tin buckets with colorful bunches of flowers. Here are some more décor pieces you can try.

Gray Wallpaper from Houzz
Chloe Lotus Table Lamp from Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler
Punched Metal Candle Holder from Urban Outfitters
Plum & Bow Diamond Chenille Pillow from Urban Outfitters
Plum & Bow Cable Knit Blanket from Urban Outfitters
Tin Bucket from Koch