Thursday, January 30, 2014


Since I go to fashion school, it would seem only right to upload posts about fashion news, stories and what goes on behind-the-seams. I literally can't wait to go back to uni to show you what really goes on at level 10 (home of the RMIT Bachelor of Design - Fashion - Honours). But here is some thoughts I'd like to share with you now!

Also here is a tech-savvy slideshow! Something new to the blog: Peter Pilotto's and Jason Wu's collaboration collections with Target.

With Virgin Australia taking over what use to be Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival (yep, have to get use to saying VAMFF now), this calls for new sponsors and whole new outlook for the future of Australian Fashion. 

I know I may be late on sharing the news but about two weeks ago, news broke that Target will be the new official sponsor for the National Graduate Showcase: a runway for the successful recent graduates of fashion institutions across Australia. On top of sponsoring them, a selected few graduates will also be offered a mentorship program. They will design a small collection in collaboration with Target and sell them across stores in Australia. 

Now, before you say "ughhhh, why Target?" (think of it as Tarjayyy), Target have done their fair share of designer collaborations in the past. Recall, Stella McCartney in 2010? Or Jason Wu in 2012? Or more recently, Peter Pilotto's 2014 collection launch?

For Pilotto's x Target's collaboration - if you look into the design aesthetics more closely - it screams Peter Pilotto all over it. The Man Repeller Leandra Medine even says it perfectly:

"The silhouettes, for one thing, weren't compromised. The peplums still pop, the pencil skirts are still tight, the uneven hems maintain their contrast and the draping remains artful. The prints look pretty great too." (Man Repeller)

And with Jason Wu's collection in 2012, the silhouettes there were still preppy, elegant and classy. The prints stayed homage to Wu's favourites: floral and stripe. And overall it was lady-like, fit for Wu's muse Michelle Obama.

Target has certainly improved their standards of collaborations, giving free reign to the designers and the design choices. Fabric quality may be limited however I don't think many people are complaining about that. But remember Proenza Schouler and their stint with TG? As much as I love the boys, I wasn't a fan of the 2007 collection. I think the low in the "high-low" status couldn't even cut it.

So, this is what bothers me. Or more formally, my concern as a fashion student. How much control does the designer have? And how much input will Target have? I have only heard of good comments that support the new sponsorship (from the big people, of course) but come uni and I'm sure there will be a lot class discussions on this new endeavour. Also considering that these past collaborations were based in the US, will Australia take on the same effect? Will consumers want to go and shop at Target? Will consumers even know these emerging designers name after the hype is over? (Remember, these are recent graduates not young designers who already have businesses). 

But what do you think? Will this work? For both graduates and Target? Is there a better sponsor? Who would it be and why? Was Sportsgirl already fit for the job? Tell me. I'd like to know your thoughts.


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