Thursday, January 9, 2014


Floating spoons? Bells? Flowers? I don't even know...

DAY 9 | Today's post (more like tonight's post!) isn't anything special. Basically I drove to work to deal with my payslips and as I walked out of the store, I got a call from my manager asking if I could work! So without question I said yes. It wasn't like I had any plans plus I need to save! Ha, win! But before popping back into Sportsgirl, I noticed the cool visual merchandising displays we have in the shopping centre. It is probably something we take for granted; but seeing these displays makes our shopping experience more worthwhile - don't you think? It is nice to stare at or even take a photo of. The one above is literally like an illusion. It looks like a ball of floating spoons or something. So very Mary Poppins! 

Have a look at my Instagram here to see my other pictures of "Mel's Magical World" aka cool decor displays. I have pictures of floating umbrella's to a swarm of butterflies! xxx 

I also popped into T2 and I began to notice their decor. I love the modern yet rustic feel in T2 as well as the dimmed lights. It puts you into a calm mood. Ahh, always nice to grab a free cuppa here and just chill. 

Sportsgirl recently re-did their visual merchandising and I love this wooden trailer! It's very Russian folklore like. I was actually watching them paint on the patterns and put it all together. From the painting to the cushions and lamps,  every detail of visual merchandising never seemed more important! I guess it is the experience you have in a store that matters most these days.

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