Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I took loads of photos but this one was my favourite out of all of them today! I love random artwork and there are definitely lots in Melbourne. This in fact sits in the National Gallery of Victoria (International) on St. Kilda Road. It's basically a dome made up of white plastic pot plant holders or bins, stuck together and with plants hanging out of them. I think what I like about this photo is not only the cool appearance of the dome but seeing the people and kids fascinated by it. The contrast of the dome against the walls is striking as well. 

DAY 8 | This past summer I haven't been back to the city since, uh the last day of uni! It felt weird because usually I am there all the time since I study at RMIT's city campus, right in the centre of the CBD and the bustling traffic. Today however was the first time I have been back since uni was over. It felt like a field trip travelling all the way there! I caught up with one of my high school friends, Sarah, for a long and overdue catch up. Sarah was also one of my art and textiles buddies back in school (she is now a qualified art and design teacher!) so it wasn't a surprise where our route had taken us to. We had brunch at Manchester Press - a cafe I have been meaning to go to for a long time; and wondered around the city until we ended up at the NGV for a quick tour of the gallery. It was a nice way to spend a sunny day in Melbourne.  Thank god the weather decided to warm up. It was time to pull out the dress and sunnies combo from my wardrobe! 

Enjoy the rest of my day's photo journal! xxx

Manchester Press sits on Rankins Lane, just off Little Bourke Street. 

How rustic decor and quirky is the decor?

Manchester Press are known for their bagel menu so if you are craving a bagel, this is the place for you! Had a chorizo open bagel sandwich as well as a cappuccino. The coffee is pretty good too.

Never will you find a spaceman in a cafe! 

Only spotted the rooftop gardens and pot plants after I left! It's nice to see a bit of greenery in the CBD.

The Comme des Garcons Pocket store is here too. Very hidden.

Rankins Lane - an underestimated lane way that is must-visit!

Of course, I had to capture a OOTD. I have my Elle Tassy dress on, a Sportsgirl pink t-shirt, Just Jeans denim jacket and Sportsgirl jellies.

A quick tour of the NGV gallery and Melbourne Now exhibition...

...which included sticking bird stickers onto a communal wall....

...and making your very own necklaces! How fun!

The beautiful artwork to top it off.

Haha! You say what now?!

And lastly, a detour to the book and gift store. Obviously I ended up in the fashion section. If you ever lose me in a bookstore, I think it is safe to say you know where to find me :P

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