Sunday, January 5, 2014


Head to toe in Sportsgirl, again!

Favourite pair of jeans at the moment. Very comfy too.

Breakfast at Mocha Jo's. Starting off with a cappuccino and bagel sandwich.

Finally Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters! 

DAY 5 | Sunday seems like the last day of the week to sleep in and do nothing, right? Well not according to my best friend Shivaani and I. With a long overdue catch up at hand, we decided to wake up early at 7am, have breakfast at our local cafe Mocha Jo's at 8.30, watch Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters the movie at 9.30 and straight after, run some errands before we got home around 1pm. Productive morning - yes! To be honest, we were dying to see Percy Jackson for a long time and found out there were still sessions going on in the mornings. For the extra win, because it is the last few days of screenings, tickets were discounted at "kids" prices so our tickets were only $6 each! What a bargain! Seriously, never mind Tuesday cheap-movie-deals. Wait till the last few days and you'll be saving up heaps! That's if you can wait that long...and get up very early! 

WHAT I'M WEARING | My usual Sportsgirl get up. Boyfriend Jeans, Polka Dot Knit, underneath- a floral top and leopard cardigan, Jelly Sandals and a Sportsgirl floppy hat, I bought last year after a bad day. It was only $5! Win win win! 

(I swear, now that I work there, I wear the clothes all the time!)

Outfit pictures taken by Shivaani.


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