Saturday, January 4, 2014


 I am a dreamer. There is no doubt about it. 

DAY 4 | Lately, I have been feeling inspired. With 2 months to go, uni will begin again and I will be off into the hectic lifestyle that I call #fashionlyf aka. fashion school. I'm already thinking of my next project - what will be by theme? Will I produce a mini collection? Will I also produce a film? Will I collaborate with new photographers? What will I do for my 4th/final/honours year? (even though I have to get through 3rd year first). I feel that my course outcomes also include "constant dreaming" because that is what I basically do everyday! I'm always thinking of the future and what my next adventure will be. I'm always imagining travelling to different places, exploring and spending time in communities to get inspired. So far, I dreamt of being accepted into the Bachelor of Design (Fashion) for years and with hard work and determination, I got in! I guess this "Dream, Then Do" philosophy actually works. Question now is: what is next?


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