Friday, January 31, 2014


Alexander McQueen: my absolute favourite!

DAY 31 | Since uni, we've been talking about going down to Bendigo for a road trip to see the Modern Love: Fashion Visionaries exhibition, direct from the FIDM Museum in LA. And today we did! Jess drove the car, Jenni gave directions although she nearly made us miss the freeway exit! And Emma and I were the two in the backseat. Also picked up our local tour guide Cairo (who's really from Bendigo) - our beloved and dearly missed classmate. It was pretty surreal to see the designs up close as we have read books, watched films and studied it so much in class. My favourites? Vivienne Westwood and her tartan suit. Issey Miyake and his revolutionary pleats. And above all, I loved the little Alexander McQueen collection. As they say, it was so oh-my-avant-garde! xxx

The rest of my photo diary (I took heaps more! But this is just a snippet!)

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