Wednesday, January 29, 2014


No, I didn't draw it. I wish I did though. It sits on my desk at the moment! 

DAY 29 | How crazy is the fact that it has nearly been a month of the new year already? Where did time go? Despite me being eager to go back to uni (man, do I sound bored or what), I still want extra time to do all my little projects! One is to clean my bedroom which has been delayed for months now (whoops). Forgot I had this hidden gem lying around. My friend bought it for my 21st at the design markets. I want to collect other bits and bobs like this drawing and hang them on my wall. And on the note of drawing, was talking to my friend Andi last night about potentially taking a drawing elective at uni. Always thought about going to art school - you know, in a dimmed lit room with an easel, charcoal and a very attractive man...

Yeah, dream on! Hehe xxx

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