Thursday, January 23, 2014


 The Great Ocean Road. Pretty views.

DAY 22 |  I think it is safe to say I can speak for most girls who regret their outfit choices. I am one of those girls today. Boo. The destination was Lorne and I wore my usual pair of boyfriend jeans, a polka dot top, hat and jellies. We weren't going to the beach or anything (just a drive by, a bit of exploration and a walk) and although I wanted to wear my new floral midi dress, my mum convinced me it might be cold so that's why the tran seasonal outfit decision was made. As soon as we arrived to the beach town, I I felt more of an outsider than any part of Lorde's definition of the word "team".

noticed every person in the beach town wore a pair of shorts. Yep, clearly I'm running by myself with the ball here. I so wanted to go into a shop and buy myself a new pair of denim shorts in eagerness to fit in. The thing is though, it was mild weather. As soon as I got out of the car, it was sunny but there certainly was cold wind. I suddenly felt a bit relieved I wore my religious jeans. As soon the sun decided to shine right on top of my face though, I immediately regretted my choice again. I don't know if it was me not "fitting in" made me insecure about my fashion choices. Or whether it was more appropiate to wear a dress or a pair of shorts instead so my legs could soak in some vitamin D too. By the end of the day, I definitely felt hot. Damn it, I wish I wore my new dress! Oh but back to the picture for today, at least there were some pretty views. Here is the rest of my photo journal xxx

P.S. Does the idea of conformation make you insecure about what you're wearing? I mean, following trends for the sake of following a trend? To just fit in? 


There were some stalls selling goods like these exotic bags. Reminded me of the Russian Markets back in Cambodia!

Ate at this cafe, Seven Seeds. It's known for their all-burger menu!

Pretty delicious. It seemed like more a chic version of Grill'd.

I love dream-catchers. Spotted these and had to go into the store to look at them!

People beachin' it!

My outfit choice I regret. You probably don't see it but I really wish I wore my dress!

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