Monday, January 20, 2014


WHAT I AM WEARING | Sportsgirl boyfriend jeans, Sportsgirl black & white cropped tee, Glassons leopard print cardigan, Miss Shop studded booties and my favourite burgundy thrift hat.

DAY 20 | Everything felt a little European today. Went for a quick trip to the city to purchase a birthday present for a friend plus have a coffee date with my husband (aka. my uni friend Matthew who's not really my hubby but its an inside joke between us two). Before meeting Matteo (his Italiano nickname), I passed the Babushka shop in the Royal Arcade. This made me think of anything and everything Russian: vodka, fur coats, red lipstick, cigars and those fluffy hats. I was even prepared for the shop assistant to say in a Russian accent "Vould you like some help?" 

Next, we had coffee at Ca de Vin, a cafe wedged between Myer and the GPO on Bourke Street. I felt like I was in Italy or something. Perhaps it was the rustic decor that made me feel that way. Or really it was my brain matching the location to film scenes shot in Rome or Venice (this is where my 12-year-old self remembers watching Mary-Kate and Ashley home movies such as When In Rome). Oh how I wish I could go on a study exchange and fall in love with a cute Italian gentleman just like MK &A!

Lastly, we walked to Flinders Lane to pass the new Chanel store. I can't wait to see the real  thing in Paris. Honestly, lately I have been dreaming of me standing in front of the original Chanel design house, with a cool outfit on, glancing at the exterior and wishing I was climbing those stairs inside to couture heaven. And then behind me, Karl Lagerfeld notices me day-dreaming, points what a cool outfit I have on, asks if I made it myself, me saying "yes!" and then him being intrigued by my presence, he asks to look at my portfolio and hires me on the spot. Wishful thinking much?

Anyway, besides me day-dreaming of all things Europe, at least I have some outfits planned in my head for Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week (which I hope to attend!) Do you like what I am wearing today? xxx

At Ca de Vin. I want these lights in my backyard! 

Cappuccino is my new favourite coffee to go! 

Seriously, how pretty are they? 

Babushka galore!

My future workplace.

A second OOTD just for your pleasure.

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