Friday, January 17, 2014


You know when you get a chai latte and it is either too sweet or has no taste at all? This one just sits in between. 

DAY 17 | As promised, I said I would write up a "foodie" post on the cafe The Foodrinkery. Obviously that didn't happen as I am doing it right now! I have been to this cute quaint cafe times now and I'm not sure why I like it. I have many reasons. It could be that 1. It is one of the only shabby chic cafes near my area - so close, it is only 20 minute drive 2. The menu is damn affordable for the poor uni student 3. It's not a bad menu after all 4. I'm not a coffee expert but the coffee and chai lattes are delicious 5. So is the food 6. The decor is to die for 7. The big wooden communal table inspires you to save up for one and stack one in your future dining area so you can have dinner parties 8. It has an outdoor courtyard 9. The plates may not be fancy and match-matchy but I guess that what makes it unique and cool 10. Did I mention how affordable it is? With everything on the menu under $20, it delivers good food at good prices. I am yet to go into detail about the taste palette like they do on Masterchef but so far I'm not complaining. xxx

The Foodrinkery sits at 22 Banksia Street, Burwood VIC 3125.


I had the croque madame which is basically a ham and cheese toastie but fancy. The cheesy was extra stringy and the toast evenly toasted!

Fell in love with the decor straight away.  


Had smashed avocado with poached eggs. To be honest, I rather my avocado to be chunky smashed - you know the messy stuff. But I became a fan of poached eggs as soon as I ate this.

My usual coffee-to-go: a mocha. Was nice and chocolatety!  


Yet another chai. Mmmmm!

My friend ordered a banana milkshake and um, I couldn't resist take a snap. Look at it! 

This time, I had the poached pear bircher. This is citrusy to the max! No doubt it was delicious and different to what I usually order but I think it was too citrusy for my taste buds!

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