Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Spot the hearts.

DAY 15 | Life sometimes surprises you when you least expect it. Wondering where I am going with this?Well perhaps this story will make sense after. So, this week is officially my throwback week - posting pictures that I never got around to uploading. Early last year I went to New Zealand and I took this picture on the boardwalks of Wellington's CBD. It was the first time I had been back in 17 years. You see, I was born in NZ, lived there for 4 years and never went back since.  Ridiculous right? Anyway, apparently these poles and sculptures were there when I last lived in Wellington but I can't remember! Besides the reminiscing going on here, I was watching Ellen yesterday and heard about Drew Barrymore's new book Find It In Everything. It is basically a coffee table book where Drew herself had spotted heart-shaped things everywhere and photographed them. With its release, Drew is partnering up with Refinery29 to host a photo contest for others to participate. Without remembering the contest, I picked this photo to blog just because I like the sculptures against the sky. Weirdly enough as I looked closer at this photo, I noticed a heart at the bottom of the picture with the arrow in the middle. I immediately thought about the photo contest and thought "I have to submit this!" And then as I looked up, I noticed the heart shape in the clouds on the top right corner. OH MY GOD. WHAT A COINCIDENCE! AND A NICE SURPRISE! Call me crazy if I'm making this up but I certainly see it. xxx

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