Monday, January 13, 2014


Perhaps when I graduate uni, I will take a gap year and just travel the world and photograph.

DAY 13 | I'm a boring soul today. In the morning, dad and I purchased an iMac which I guess is exciting to some extent. But the rest of the day, I have been sitting in front of my laptop writing up  an article due this week. If you don't know, I intern for an international fashion website called College Fashionista (click my above link for my archive!) and I write for the College Dormista section which focuses on college dorms and all things interior/decor. Although while writing and researching, I have been distracted by things I see on Youtube and my Facebook newsfeed. Came across the NY Times 52 Places to Go In 2014  which highlights must see cities you should visit this year! Number 47 is Siem Reap, Cambodia which is in fact where my family is from (not Siem Reap exactly but Cambodia) and a town I would like to go back and visit! Lots of people I know are there at the moment so I am getting a little bit jelly of their travels. But what am I saying? I'm going to Europe in 6 months!! Still, it would be nice to go back and explore it for the 2nd/3rd time around. Ah, back to typing. xxx

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