Saturday, January 11, 2014


My favourite photo of the day. Spotted this in the streets of Mornington, in front of a decor shop. It's my new ride!

DAY 11 | Had a very productive Saturday today! Early in the morning, my parents and I were off to the Mornington Farmers Markets to check out the scene and purchase some groceries. Soon after lunch, we headed to the Peninsula Hot Springs to take a dip in the mineral pools! I didn't take any photos of the pools as I wanted to be tech-free and just relax! But below you will see what it looks like. As they say, it really cleanses and exfoliates your skin. You feel so refreshed after the multiple pools you go into! I had a great day bonding with my parents although if you do go, I suggest grabbing your girlfriends. It would be a nice weekend getaway from your busy lifestyles plus you can pamper and do all those girly things. I'm already planning in my head to bring my uni friends here - after a well-deserved tiring semester! 

We also explored the town a little bit in between the farmers market and hot springs, so here is a photo journal for the rest of the day! Till next time xxx

Sooo, in reality the pools will have tonnes of more people and there won't be a sunset. But if you do stay that long, then perhaps you may just see it! I believe this is the Hilltop Pool (from what I remember) and its basically on top of the hill - so you can see the view! Plus the pools are heated up to 40 degrees here! 

Fresh produce and homemade jams at the Mornington Farmers Market.

Strolled the streets of Mornington and found a Buddha...

As well as Chanel flats...

....and a Kenzo hat! In a vintage store.

Entered this interior home store and fell in love with the African decor. I want to decorate my room with these items!

Also saw this little cute and quaint cafe. Um, epic coolness right here.

Before we headed to Hot Springs, visited The Cups Estate, a winery just 5 minutes away. I'm not much of a wine drinker so don't expect me to be hanging at a winery very often. Did some wine tasting though and I must say the Mascato is very nice! Besides that, how beautiful is this view? I think I want to paint this picture!

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