Friday, January 10, 2014


Daisy in a field full of daisies!
DAY 10 | Summer is finally here. Right about now, it is 31 degrees celsius and
even though I would dream to be on a tropical island or in a pool, I am at
home, having one of those whatever kind of days. I did however soak in some vitamin D aka. sun to take this photo. I thought it was ironic that I have a patch of daisies in my backyard as well as the Marc Jacobs perfume, so I thought I'd take an arty picturesque of the two objects. If this photo gives you any inspiration to smell sweet like a Daisy or wear your best floral attire, then so be it. Daisy is my favourite perfume and I believe every girl should have a signature scent. Obviously you know what mine is now.

I'm also running out big time on the perfume, so if anyone wants to buy an
endless supply, I will love you long time! xxx

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