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Instagram World is another category I write for College Dormista, showcasing cool (uni age) people with their cool decor and interior finds on their cool Instagrams. 

Images from Elle Tassy Blog and @tashkeys Instagram

I am not going to deny it: I am an Instagram addict. Besides posting pictures myself, my other favourite thing to do on the social media app is browse other accounts. There are so many profiles I inspire to. One is Natasha Bordizzo, co-owner of the online vintage store Elle Tassy and Instagrammer behind @tashkeys. Not only does she take beautiful shots of her travels and cool outfit posts, she has a distinct eye for anything interior and décor. I swear, everything she posts I fall in love with! This week, I interview Tash where she explains her love for the décor fan fare.
CollegeDormista: Your Instagram showcases a lot of beautiful images. Why do you like Instagram and photography in general?
Natasha Bordizzo: Thank yah! Well I like how simplistic Instagram is. The focus is on the picture and its composition, rather than the caption or comments, which play a secondary role. It also puts everyone on an even playing field, where you can communicate with anyone and we all get an even exposure on the newsfeed. As for photography in general, I can’t really say. But it’s definitely something that developed, unlike with a lot of people who’ve been interested in photography since they were very little. For me, it was after I started playing with Photoshop and a Nikon V1 given to me as a Christmas present, that I really saw the possibilities of what you can create. From there, I just wanted to create more and more, and develop skills that allow me to give a picture the exact feel that I want it to have. There’s nothing like it.

CD: You like to post up pictures of interior spaces/décor pieces like cafés, skulls and drawings you’re going to put up on your wall. Do you have a certain interest with décor and interior?
NB: Well life’s just a little more interesting when you’ve added a few cool new touches to your room/house. So I’m always on the hunt for cool pieces to take home and add character or change the feel of my interiors. Decor never stops being exciting because there are endless possibilities as far as creating the space you come home to everyday.
CD: With your décor collections, do you decorate any of them in your own bedroom? Or into the Elle Tassy office?
NB: Mostly my room! I’m lucky enough to have a pretty big room, so there’s lots more space for further decor additions. I just run the risk of having a cluttered sort of room because I love hoarding things! To solve this, I store old decor away until I feel like putting it out again. My decor is essentially on rotation (laughs)

CD: You have travelled a lot and following your blog; you have stayed in a lot of apartments while in the US! Which apartment/house had the best interior?
NB: In LA, our Encino house was overwhelming. The pictures don’t do it justice! It’s not how I would design the interiors of my own home but it was a gem to live in. You can check it out here. 
CD: For those travelling, any places you recommend that stock the best décor pieces to take home?
NB: In the USA, I loved Melrose Trading Post in LA and Williamsburg Markets in NY. San Francisco was great for decor, and we included a few places from Cortland Ave, Bernal Heights in our post here
CD: Where do you shop for your décor accessories?
NB: I recently discovered Holy Kitsch on Crown Street, Surry Hills. It stocks all things Mexican, and is where I recently bought prints. Aside from that, I buy a lot at markets such as Glebe, Rozelle and Bondi.

CD: Onto fashion- what influences your personal fashion style? Any style icons?
NB: Rumi Neely, Kiko Mizuhara, and Vanessa Hudgens to name a few. I think Vanessa in particular is really under-rated as far as personal style – she’s incredible.
CD: Do you find after your travels, your personal style has changed? Even to the décor pieces you choose to decorate your living space with?
NB: Actually yes, I’m the type to be heavily influenced by my surroundings, and the people I meet while travelling. I also develop my personal style constantly (and usually unintentionally) just because I love change.
CD: What are your favorite pieces in your home/studio?
NB: At home, it’s just all the things I’ve collected from my travels – so lots of little (often vintage) items which I display on my jewelry table, desk and vanity table. I recently bought an ancient old brandy bottle that I think is beautiful (maybe I’m crazy) and now use it as a vase. That makes the favourites list for sure.
CD: Lastly, will Elle Tassy stock accessories for the home in the future?
NB: Probably not, as we are focusing on fashion, but I can’t say never!

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