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This week, I have decided to publish my College Dormista posts on this blog. I want to get more content on here so I thought this would be a great segment. Enjoy xx 

Nat in her bedroom!

Every time I go over to one of my friend’s houses, their bedroom is the destination to hang out. We can talk about boys, paint our nails, chat about the latest gossip and even watch funny clips on Youtube. This week, I visited my best friend Natalie’s home and thought she would be perfect for my interview. Normally I don’t pay attention to her bedroom interior but this time around I became a detective and found out more about Natalie through her décor.

CollegeDormista: Why have you decorated your wall with a world map? And tell us about the pins.
Natalie Kieleithner: I’ve decorated my wall with a world map so that, as cliché as it may sound, it can remind me of the goals I have set and inspire me to reach them.  The green pins represent the places I dream travelling to and the red pins are the ones I have already ticked off my list.
CD: Why did you also decide to display wall art stickers onto your walls?
NK: In my own spaces I like to be surrounded by visual interest, images etc.  It makes the area feel more personal and lived in.
CD: Who are your favorite designers?
NK: If I really had to name a few I would have to say my favorite designers are Hussein ChalayanAkira IsogawaIris Van HerpenRomance Was Born and Mary Katrantzou.

Her world map.

CD: Has your personal style influenced your interior space? From what I can see you’re accessories are quite exotic which possibly reflects your urge to travel and explore?
NK: Yes you’re right, I suppose it has.  I love textiles and textures, and that in conjunction with my deep love of travel and old cultures has led to a bit of an obsession with collecting exotic trinkets and accessories!
CD: Where do you shop for your interior/décor pieces?
NK: I like to collect pieces from my travels; I also have a lot of things that are handmade either by me or by some of my arty and creative friends!  I also won’t deny that I could easily live in IKEA.
CD: You collect a lot of fashion magazines. Do you feel it’s important to display them in your space?
NK: No not necessarily, though my favorite ones that frequently get used tend to be ones pulled off the shelf and left in piles wherever I was reading them at the time!

Patchwork and countless magazines.

Places she wants to visit and her sewing studio.

CD: You also have a lot of patchwork. Tell us about them.
NK: My mum is quite creative and quilts in her spare time.  The few I have in my room are presents from her.
CD: In your study space, why did you put pin boards to display your images?
NK: I like seeing all the images together when I’m working; I find it more inspiring than having an organized collection that isn’t readily accessible and visible.  I also like pinning up projects that I have completed; it’s great seeing the final product amidst all of its development and inspirations.
CD: Do you think it is important to make your living space visually presentable?
NK: Yes I do.  If the area I’m working in is not visually inspirational, I think it would be much harder to be creative. 

Exotic jewellery pieces and Tilly the Terrarium.

CD: Tell us about your terrarium.
NK: I’m actually terrarium-sitting her at the moment for my boyfriend who is off traveling.  Her name is Tilly the Terrarium and she’s getting quite attached to her current home in my room…she may have to stay.
CD: What is a must have item in your space?
NK: Definitely my map. There’s nothing better than waking up in the morning and seeing the world at the foot of your bed and deciding what pin to select next. (This disastrous plan has left me quite poor but worth every cent!)
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