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Since it is Australia Day, I thought I'd post something about my favourite Aussie bloggers. If I had to pick only three, these guys would be it. Looking through their blogs also encourages me to blog more outfit posts! I'm hoping to do a lot more once I go back to uni and fashion school but hopefully I can start soon! I've bought some new items on a recent shopping spree so that is more of an excuse too! Enjoy my picks xxx


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This one is a bit of a cheat as they are two separate bloggers but together they are team perfecto! Carin, the blogger behind Paris in Four Months moved to Paris early last year and photographs pretty much everything Parisian and picturesque. From cobbled streets to outfit posts, everything looks beautiful! Add in Nicole from Garry Pepper (an Australian blog) and you have photographs that look like fashion editorials from a magazine! It's kind of incredible that Nicole can pull off the luxurious look with a mixture of ASOS, Topshop and high end labels such as Marc Jacobs and Valentino! Goes to show that fashion allows you to mix things up. Their combination of great photography and classy outfits results in elegance and grace, no doubt. 


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Yan Yan Chan is the blogger behind Parfasseux which stating on the blog derives from a mixture of the French word parresseux and the english word fashion, defining the fashion blog of its "carefree and laid back style and approach." I am completely in love with her edgy sense of style and youthful characteristics. A lot of her outfits consist of vintage pieces or online purchases and perhaps a higher end item she likes to throw into the mix. Her blog also showcases how goofy yet fun fashion should be! Like she said, nothing too serious. 


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Of course, what will a favourite Aussie bloggers post be without the How Two Live gals? How can you not love them? I love the fact they are interested in upcoming designers and will give them the opportunity to wear their designs on their blog. But considering their early posts, when they wore their own clothes, they seem to have rocked the "anything goes" philosophy even before they became household names. Mixing a little vintage, with high street labels, it inspires me to mix and match items in my wardrobe that I already have to just make new outfits! Is it stalkerish that I picked their early outfit posts as my faves?

Who are your favourite bloggers? 

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