Thursday, January 16, 2014


I have interned for College Fashionista for a year and half now and at the moment I am writing for their interiors column called College Dormista. Usually as a Style Guru, you write a bio at the beginning of the season to tell readers a little about yourself. This season I didn't have to which I'm kind of thankful for. Writing up your fifth bio is actually quite hard! But being a writer for College Dormista made me question why I love interiors and decor so much. I don't think I have ever fully questioned it or explained it myself. So I thought I would do it so here.

My discovery of interiors probably started with me flipping through pages of my magazines, looking at the room makeover specials and interior features, oohing and ahhing over celebrity homes. I think ever since then, I have dreamt of my own home or apartment and have thought about every detail. Often I think of a rustic, shabby chic home with wooden floorboards, a homely kitchen and a vegetable patch in my backyard. That would be the dream. Besides imagining what my future house would look like, every year I try and re-decorate my room in someway. At the moment, I would like to paint my walls emerald green, hang some plants and nail in some wall shelves to stack my over flowing books. Usually this manifestation brings me to Ikea where I browse for hours for things that would look perfect for my space. This summer, I haven't exactly managed that goal yet but hopefully by the end of the holidays I will! So, I guess this is where my love of interiors come from. I would also like to follow in the footsteps of legendary designer Biba. She conquered both the fashion and interior world, showing that both spectrums go hand in hand. There are many things I want to do in life. On of them is to design a space. Even if that just might be my shabby chic home. 

For now though, here is my version of a Street Style Vs. Decor post - just one of the categories I write. My outfit is quite playful here and so would be my dream bedroom. I would also have a fluffy rug, a double bed with white sheets and colourful, cute and kitsch things to decorate my space with. Here are some things from Urban Outfitters that I would have:

1. Pink Candle Skull - I love pink, skulls and candles. Great combination.
2. Wooden Circle Wall Shelf - This would be a great feature piece. 
3. Mannequin -  So I can do my dressmaking projects on it!
4. Record Player - An excuse to play my dad's records!
5. Pattern Cushion - Colourful cushions to brighten up the room.
6. Moroccan Lights - Sometimes I wish my room was a gypsy's bottle. This light would be perfect!
7. Terrarium - My plant obsession continues...
8. Modern Chair - Need a reading chair!
9. World Map - To inspire my dreams to travel. 


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