Monday, January 27, 2014


At Como House/Stables of Como, South Yarra.

Lately, I have been noticing fashion blogs uploading outfit posts that are so obviously sponsored; head-to-toe luxurious names to say the least. Now, I'm not saying I'm not a fan of the high end labels (truly, I am! They are my idols!) but for the everyday girl like me, I simply cannot afford them. And I'm pretty sure the bloggers behind the incredible clothes can't either.

Realistically, my wardrobe consists of items I have worked and saved up a little for. And also thrift items I find at the markets. Basically, I can be a constant outfit repeater. But who isn't? The great thing about fashion though is the beauty of mixing and matching. For example, I bought this Elle Tassy midi skirt and wore it as a midi in this shot here, yet I was able to change it up a little with my SG items in today's outfit. 

 Today, I am wearing:

Now with this outfit, I could easily change the bottom half by wearing leggings or a pair of jeans and that results in another outfit entirely! But you see? Fashion is suppose to be fun. Personalising your outfit for your specific tastes, body shape and style is probably the most important factor in dressing up because well, it has to suit you. 

Basically I'm summing up what Anna Wintour once said:

"Create your own individual style. I'm not interested in the girl who walks into my office in a head-to-toe label look that's straight off the runway. I'm interested in a girl who puts herself together in an original, independent way." 


P.S. And so with my plans on uploading more outfit posts, I decided to capture what I wore today: a bit new, a bit vintage. I also figured it was time to show you what else is in my wardrobe! Do you like it?

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