Friday, December 20, 2013


Before the manufacturing world went creative with there various styles of jeans (think patterns and colours), all we had were the original casual blue denim. Remember the time? Nowadays, everybody vouches for a pair of coloured "besides-the-old-school-blue" bottom half - just to be different. Thank god for the invention of the black denim then! Funny enough, I never use to be a pants person. I wore a dress or a shirt and skirt combo all through high school so when uni started, I kept with the theme. Yet somehow after seeing friends at uni wearing jeans, I caught up with the trend. It was either because I wanted to try something different or it was because I was getting sick of dresses, dresses, skirts and dresses. I don’t know!

Anyway, having started working at Sportsgirl, I bought these Wax Coated Jeans thinking they would be a versatile wardrobe item. The fact they are black means it is easy to dress up, dress down and a comfortable choice of clothing to wear to uni. I must say, it has proved to be a great investment! Because these jeans are wax coated, they give off a shiny wet look so you can certainly dress it up like I did here. I paired it with this Ladder Baby Doll Top that comes in this “latte” colour. I paired it with my nude heels, threw my hair in a bun for more of a classy look, took a nice contrasting purse for some colour and added some pink rings and gold bracelets to dash up the accessories side. I suggest you can wear this out for a night out with the girls, a dinner date with your special someone or throw on a blazer on top and you have an outfit for an interview.

My next outfit is to dress it down with the ever-so-casual look, suitable for uni or brunch with your friends. I’m wearing the jeans with a long t-shirt tucked (it’s the only one I had but next time I suggest a shorter one), beach jelly sandals and added my super cute hat to accessorise for a little more persona. Looking at this outfit again, you can see that the wax jean makes it a more formal making you look presentable and classy on the streets!

These jeans are to die for and for being a Sportsgirl fan for a while, I must say they have really improved on their denim in terms of the durability and comfort. These pair consist of 77% Cotton, 21% Polyester and 2% Elastane so its extra stretchy. I can even do the splits in them! I guarantee they are great item to invest in. 


Photography by Facets

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