Thursday, December 19, 2013


Style Caster recently posted this article, New Year, New Agenda: 15 Stylish Planners To Organize Your 2014. It basically showcases their picks on the most stylish planners you should get your hands on – in order to organize your busy days in 2014. Besides my favourite picks (as you will see below), 2014 is already creeping up so fast. Um, where did time go? I now can’t help to think about my resolutions. So in conclusion, here are my 15 resolutions for the big 2-0-1-4. And because I love making lists, I enjoyed this a whole lot.

1.    To eat healthier. Forget junk food. They may be easy to heat up and cook but it’s not good for my body, overall. My body is a temple so I should treat it like one!
2.    Save Save Save. With 3rd year coming around and Europe in June, that means more purchases for expensive fabric and well, duh its Europe. Therefore I must not spend money on lunches, shopping in between uni breaks, indulgences on clothes…
3.    To go back to old-school things. For example writing handmade letters or spending your Sunday afternoon painting. I think it’s these types of activities that make you truly happy and peaceful in life.
4.    Read books. I haven’t read a decent book in two years. Why? Because all I do is fashion. Lately, I have had the tendency of purchasing books and reading them a year later, so I need to get back into the habit of reading a good book straight away.
5.    Travel to places in Australia I have never been to before or somewhere I haven’t been to in a long time. Torquay, Hobart and Alice Springs are my top picks. I have a feeling they would fuel me with a lot of inspiration.
6.    To get better in second language. I’m hopeless in my own native language, Khmer so I definitely need to improve on that. I also want to learn French.
7.    To take up yoga or pilates. After years of telling myself I would, I will do it in the New Year! I’m also not a huge gym fan so being in a studio with barres and mirrors is my ultimate relaxation.
8.    Date and meet some nice guys. Enough said.
9.    To Cook. I don’t cook enough, so I want to learn how to cook delicious meals for brekkie, lunch and tea! 
10.  To keep my current job. Because I love Sportsgirl!
11. To write more in my journal. Writing my thoughts, feelings and dreams in my journal use to be one of my favourite past times and nowadays, I don’t do it nearly enough. For me, it’s a great release to un-clot my mind!
12. To host dinner parties. I sound like a big foodie but who doesn’t love to sit on a nice wooden communal table with delicious food, a glass of wine and have great discussion? It is nostalgic but a favourite past time for the likes of Andy Warhol and Chanel. A great way to get to know your friends better.
13. To be really creative this year. I think being a designer means not resting on your laurels and being even more innovative for your next project. I had a successful 2nd year so I need to bring it for my 3rd! I think I’ll start with knitting!
14. To be more organized. I seem to have lost my gift of organization this year so aiming to get that back in 2014!
15. On a fun note, finally finish watching Gossip Girl (still haven’t finished watching season 5 and 6) and get onto HBO's Girls, which I hear is incredibly good!

And for the planners - they are so darn cute!

From top: Tory Burch, Kate Spade and Kikki-K.


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