Sunday, December 1, 2013


Homemade stir-fry egg noodles with lots of vegetables!

Recently, I made a lifestyle choice to be more cautious and nutritious in my diet. It’s not a big deal. But it’s a little disheartening when people immediately judge you when you say you’re on a “clean/healthy eating” regime. There are many reasons why people choose to do it, whether they want to pack in more vitamins into their diet and refresh their immune system or they just want to ignore process foods entirely. For me, a few years ago I received food poisoning (to this day, I’m still unsure where I exactly got it from) and after months of slowly recovering, my immune system started getting back to normal. Although, I’ve noticed I do get unwell easily these days and perhaps my body reacts differently because of the experience. I don’t know. I could be making things up! But back to the whole eating thing, even going back to full-time uni, I wasn’t putting in the best types of food into my body (you know – the junk stuff). These days, it’s choosing the best healthiest option for both the nutritious value and fighting of sickness. For example, for breakfast, I would usually go for the toast and strawberry jam spread, which probably has a lot more sugar than it does fruit. Now, I’m getting into making fruit smoothies or having smashed avocado on toast. Being lazy for lunch, I use to go for the instant noodles but now I prefer egg noodles with less oil and lots of vegies. Dinner wasn’t too bad before but now I prefer brown rice with something light like salmon and a side salad. I think just imagining that visually, you can see why it is a better choice. I wouldn’t say I am perfect though. I still do tempt a little chocolate here and here but the cravings have certainly reduced. So, it’s not for any weight issues or extreme diet loss. For me, it’s simply a lifestyle choice. In saying that, the next two posts are two recipes I like to make these days that are both wholesome and delicious! I hope you enjoy xxx

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