Sunday, December 8, 2013


 Photos from I Wear The Trousers blog.

I tend to swoon over good-looking “well-dressed” men. I’m not sure whether it’s the fact that they are really good looking or if it’s more the fact I appreciate their sense of style and clothing choice. Either way (bonus for the good-looks part, right?), I adore menswear. I have taken a menswear studio in fashion school and I loved it. I love the simplistic silhouettes, crisp suits, the attention to detail, beautiful fabrics…you name it. If we’re heading down the blogging route though, there aren’t many male bloggers out there that will blog about true menswear. Notably, there is I AM GALLA (major swoon and post on him later) but you have you heard of Oliver Cheshire? You may know him as Pixie Lott’s other half but on his own, he is a model, fashion writer and blogger as well. His blog I Wear The Trousers highlights how he is surrounded by fashion 24/7 and showcases upcoming men’s fashion trends with complete honesty whether he will wear them or not, runway reflections, current photo shoots he is working on and even links to his - drumroll please - menswear contributions to The Telegraph as one of their fashion writers. He has brutal yet hilarious honesty in his telegraph posts. But he does make very valid points about menswear, in my opinion anyway. Good looking and intelligent? I think so.


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