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Stef (left) and Jess (right) from How Two Live

If you have heard of the TLC song “Unpretty” then perhaps you may know where I am going with this post. If you have viewed this Upworthy link (if you haven’t, I recommend you should view it here before you continue reading), then I think the message is clear: Bullying – it needs to stop.

The reason why I write this is because I was certainly a victim of bullying at one stage. What was I scrutinized at? My weight. I was a skinny 8-year-old and I was constantly teased about it. “You’re so skinny” one might say. “You’re anorexic” another would chime in. “You should eat” called out a girl who strangely looked the exact same way I was. From the nights of crying to finally confessing to a teacher what was going on, I pulled through. When I think about it, I commend myself on being a brave young girl who put up with all the humiliation and crap. At this point of time, going home after school to change into my most colourful outfits was my favourite thing to do because I would feel fearless again - and like myself.

Note: by the way, did anyone figure that I was still a growing 8 year old girl who had fast metabolism? Thank god I didn’t let weight or a “number” define me.

Yet, some kids, teens and adults these days are sadly not brave enough (yet). Which comes to my next topic: cyber bullying. While social media is good in certain ways, getting a comment saying, “Ew, you’re gross” from a stranger, becomes publicly humiliating; and it can “ouch” - hurt. Imagine getting this on a daily basis. Would you like it? Would you feel like someone just stabbed a dagger into your soul?

The How Two Live girls

I have been seeing some revolting comments on people’s Instagrams, Facebook pages and Twitters and one of those “victims” are my favourite bloggers, How Two Live. I have no idea who these green-eyed monsters are (the grinchers that are writing these comments) but if I had a word with them I’d say: there is no need to be nasty. There is no need to comment on their weight. Treat people like you would like to be treated. And before you pass judgement, let me tell you why the Jess and Stef are awesome (despite me being a little jelly of their super cool outfits and travelling adventures!)

Together at Paris Fashion Week!

1.     The fact they are sisters makes you realize the perks of having a sister. Yes, you can share clothes but your sister will always have your back through thick or thin. Remember the time you got your first period? Or to the time you went on your first date? I bet your sister was there to help you get through it all. Even to the times you were frustrated with your parents, you could rely on your sister to talk it through. Your sister will have a special bond with you throughout your lifetime no matter what. 

Sister's spending time together at a wedding

2.     If you don’t have a sister, HTL make you realize how special your gal pals are. Because they are your sisterhood. I bet you tell them everything: your boy dramas, your friend dramas and your work issues. You probably do heaps activities together like a sport, facials or just the casual brunch. You may even start to notice how you resemble each other’s dress code. You do everything together! Jess and Stef are literally tied to the hip and they do almost-everything together because it is fun and they enjoy each other’s company. Tell me you agree.
3.     They are not afraid to be different. Whether it is there dress code or their current nail design, they’ll go to show they are brave enough to display any outfit with such positivity and grace. Even if the French think they are crazy. They are fashion risk takers and I think that’s why everyone likes them so much!
4.     They like to Instagram their food. So what? They like to eat. And yes they do eat. And so do I. And I’m skinny but unfortunately for HTL, they cop a lot of negativity.  Have you ever heard of exercising?  PS. Their café recommendations are top notch.

Wearing Natasha Fagg at New York Fashion Week

5.     They interact with their readers. Perhaps they may not reply to each and every comment but they have posted about charities you should support, hosted a garage sale of their clothes to give a portion of their proceeds to the Amira Project, they run competitions to give away up and coming products, mention designers you should follow and even support young emerging designers by wearing their designs to uh fashion week! When HTL wore designs by Natasha Fagg - aka RMIT alumni aka- a graduate from my course - at NYFW I nearly died because it was so beautiful and one day that could be me!

So if that didn’t give you some HTL loving, then I don’t know what will. But lets be kind to one another. Think before you post a comment and then we may end with some world peace xxx  

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