Thursday, December 5, 2013


Here is some of my picks.

Lately, I’ve been totally it-girl crushing on Leandra Medine aka. The Man Repeller. She seems like the most hilarious-best-advice-giver-stylish-sister you never had. Harpers Bazaar featured her on their “15 things every woman should have” list and without hesitation I read it thinking, “this is my new 15 commandments” (of the womanly bible). She even asked her readers “What’s on yours? Tell me everything!” And so here is mine…with the twist of my 22 years of age status. It just seemed more appropriate

1. One designer perfume. You need a signature scent everywhere you go.
2. Confidence. Whether it’s to ask the boy you like out on a date or to cold call for a new job.
3. Tea. A soothing drink to calm you down in any situation.
4. A good pair of jeans, whether it’s your boyfriend jean or black denim
5. A white T-shirt.
6. A “Jean and T-shirt” combination outfit. Never underestimate this outfit choice. It’s your life saviour when you don’t have anything else to wear.
7. A pair of boots. To edge up any outfit.
8. A pair of Roll Up Fold Up ballet flats. You’re young, you go out but your feet ache from your heels. These are heaven and easy to pack in your purse.
9. At least one (two, three or more) break-up-yet-girl-empowering song on your iPod. Taylor Swift, Beyoncé and Little Mix are my faves.
10. A notebook, to write down all your thoughts and dreams.
11. Lady-like class.
12. True friends.
13. Understanding that a relationship isn’t for the sake of being in one. It’s for sharing everything with the person you genuinely love and get along with.
14. A nice watch.
15. “A pair of balls that belonged to a man who didn't deserve to keep them.” As quoted by The Man Repeller.


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