Monday, November 25, 2013


 This is pretty embarrassing but I have happened to wear the same (or very similar) outfit and to the same venue two weeks in a row, just with a different pair of shoes. Surely I am not the only one who has done this but as I like to think of things in the positive light, I am sensibly “recycling”. Actually, outfit repeating for me consistently happens these days as I am sporting skinny jeans, a tee, a black biker jacket and TOMS alpargatas at uni.  But besides my daily uniform, I’ve come to a conclusion that sometimes when life gets busy, it’s okay to harmlessly outfit repeat. People will either think you really love the outfit or if they are really smart, they will know you couldn’t be bothered to even think about what to wear because you’re a tired-sleepyhead-downright lazy-fashion-student. I vouch for the first option.

                       Notice my different shoes? 

WHAT I AM WEARING | Sportsgirl black lace dress, Just Jeans denim jacket, Cotton On grey knit, Sportsgirl leopard print tights, Wittner lace up boots/Misshop studded boots, Cotton On satchel and market find for both scarf and hat.

WHERE | Camberwell Markets


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