Friday, November 22, 2013


Spontaneously, I decided to start photo-documenting places in Melbourne. Some are iconic landmarks. Some are places I have taken for granted or have never really noticed. I’ve been studying and attending university in the city for quite some time now but I have never really attentively explored the city and its surroundings. These days, I am situated in building 8/level 10 (my second home) and I am either in a lecture or whisking away on a sewing machine. It would be nice to get out of there once in a while just for a breather…and a bit of exploration too.

CENTRAL PLACE | on the right hand side of Flinders Lane and opposite Degraves Street

In Melbourne, we have many laneways and this is just one of them. I believe though that Central Place is one of the “iconic” ones. It is rustic with its garage doors and graffiti walls but look above and you noticed the elegant “Central Place” metal signage. You also see some fancy Parisian-like apartments with their little balconies as well as the pretty streetlights that overhang the laneway. Honestly I don’t think I’ve ever been to one of the cafes, which seems silly but they are always busy! There are also bars on top as well as one or two vintage stores below. A lot going on in just one little laneway.

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